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California opens the floodgates

If you’re reading this somewhere in California and within sight of a window, this probably won’t come as news: It’s raining. A lot. Again. With the 10th atmospheric river of the winter now drenching an already sodden state and threatening to melt a historic snowpack across the Sierra, California water regulators have opened the floodgates […]

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Multiplicando fuerzas: cómo una red de donantes está influyendo en el dinero de campañas en California

En resumen Govern For California está utilizando una red de sucursales locales para ampliar la influencia de sus donantes en las carreras legislativas. Entre los mayores beneficiarios hasta ahora se encuentra el asambleísta Robert Rivas, quien quiere convertirse en el próximo presidente de la Asamblea. Read this article in English. Revise las contribuciones de campaña […]

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Evictions in L.A. County: It’s become a humanitarian crisis, advocates say

A surprise eviction notice changed the lives of Juan Vera, his wife Maria and their three children forever. A representative of the apartment complex in Downey, where they had lived for more than 20 years, handed Maria an envelope.  Maria doesn’t understand English, so Camila, her 14-year-old daughter, read it to her.  “Did you see […]