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California’s climate countdown: Can the state power through it?

It’s climate crunch time in California. Starting today and lasting through Thursday, generators and transmission-line operators should delay any scheduled maintenance to avoid possible power outages as Californians crank up their air conditioners to deal with an expected onslaught of 100-plus degree heat, the state’s electric grid operator said Friday. The California Independent System Operator’s […]

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Legislature’s hypocrisy prevails as bill dies

The California Legislature, as noted in this space previously, has a shameful history of exempting itself from the countless laws it imposes on everyone else. Last week, the Assembly’s Public Employment, Retirement and Social Security Committee had a golden opportunity to close one of the Capitol’s many hypocritical loopholes. But, true to historic form, its […]

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Commentary: California Legislature’s union-backed bills undermine collective bargaining

The California Nurses Association made its political bones, so to speak, in 1999 when it persuaded the Legislature and a newly inaugurated, union-allied Democratic governor, Gray Davis, to impose strict nurse-to-patient ratios on hospitals. The organization, hoping to become a nationwide union, wanted to prove that its aggressive political tactics could deliver with a staffing […]