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Welcome to Striketober

Good morning, California. It’s Friday, October 15. Burnout + deadlines converge Employee burnout and resistance to vaccine mandates are colliding across California, leading to strike authorizations, walkouts and worker shortfalls in health care, education, transportation and logistics, hospitality, retail, entertainment and law enforcement. This week, nearly a third of California hospitals reported critical staffing shortages […]

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EDD to start auto-paying unemployment benefits

Desperate times call for desperate measures. With hundreds of thousands of jobless Californians waiting more than three weeks for the state Employment Development Department to process their claims, the agency announced Thursday that it will start automatically paying benefits to claimants who have already cleared fraud filters and verified their identity and who continue to […]

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How EDD and Bank of America make millions on California unemployment

State records obtained by CalMatters show that the employment agency made $22.5 million on unemployment debit card fees as the pandemic ravaged the job market, but it failed to track how much Bank of America earned off a debit card contract during the spike in benefits. Lawmakers are asking questions about the revenue-sharing deal as workers still missing money fight to survive.

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Death surge prompts stricter enforcement

Good morning, California. It’s Thursday, July 30. State, counties, cities take hard stance Enforcement of coronavirus orders is ramping up across California as the state broke its single-day record for deaths twice this week amid a series of outbreaks in essential workplaces. Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday withheld federal coronavirus relief funds from two Central […]