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Legislature campaigns: Did big political spenders get what they paid for?

You can’t always get what you want, but for special interests in California politics, spending $34 million sure does help. That’s the amount of unrestricted political spending that industries and unions with regular business in the capitol pumped into Legislative races across the state this year. As CalMatters reported before Election Day, the oil industry, […]

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Cash blitz: Who’s spending the most to influence your vote for California’s Legislature?

State law caps the amount donors can give to a legislator’s campaign — but these special interests can spend as much as they like mounting their own campaigns to praise or trash candidates. And the money interest groups are pouring into these  “independent expenditure committees” has reached dizzying heights. So far more than $31 million of […]

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Death surge prompts stricter enforcement

Good morning, California. It’s Thursday, July 30. State, counties, cities take hard stance Enforcement of coronavirus orders is ramping up across California as the state broke its single-day record for deaths twice this week amid a series of outbreaks in essential workplaces. Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday withheld federal coronavirus relief funds from two Central […]