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  2. We’ll explain the issues affecting your California community.
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How big will Newsom go on California housing change?

From CalMatters’ housing reporter Ben Christopher: Ever since a California court ruled earlier this year that UC Berkeley violated the state’s premier environmental protection law by failing to account for “student-generated noise” at a proposed housing development, we knew this was coming. In response to that ruling, Gov. Gavin Newsom called the state’s environmental review […]

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Newsom slaps down Senate Democrats’ tax hike

From CalMatters Capitol reporter Alexei Koseff: Tax increases are sensitive business in politics. So it didn’t take long Wednesday — all of two hours — for Gov. Gavin Newsom to swiftly and decisively reject the latest idea from Democratic lawmakers to balance California’s budget by pumping businesses for more cash. Ahead of Newsom’s revised budget […]

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California preps for abortion pill ruling

From CalMatters’ health reporter Kristen Hwang and political reporter Alexei Koseff: Gov. Gavin Newsom and a cadre of Democratic lawmakers want to be clear: They will protect medication abortion in California no matter what the U.S. Supreme Court decides on the issue — they’re just not entirely sure how. In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, […]

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California opens the floodgates

If you’re reading this somewhere in California and within sight of a window, this probably won’t come as news: It’s raining. A lot. Again. With the 10th atmospheric river of the winter now drenching an already sodden state and threatening to melt a historic snowpack across the Sierra, California water regulators have opened the floodgates […]

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In California Legislature, 500 bills beat the deadline

California doesn’t really need 2,600 new laws, right?  Nevertheless, state lawmakers proposed 500 new bills on Friday, the 2023 session’s introduction deadline, bringing the total to about 2,600. That’s the most in more than a decade, according to veteran Capitol lobbyist Chris Micheli. More than 1,000 are “placeholder” bills without specific language. Reminder: More bills […]

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Reglas solo para ti: Así es cómo la Legislatura de California elude sus propias leyes

EN RESUMEN Los legisladores estatales a veces se eximen de las leyes que aprueban, pero en esta sesión podrían cambiar de rumbo en un proyecto de ley emblemático: permitir que sus propios empleados formen un sindicato. Read this article in English. Los legisladores de California aprueban cientos de leyes cada año. Pero a veces, se […]