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Newsom wary of lawmaker-approved budget

Depending on whom you ask, the $300-billion-plus budget bill California lawmakers passed on Monday either was developed largely behind closed doors, ignores the state’s biggest problems and fails to provide urgent relief amid skyrocketing inflation — or offered ample opportunity for public input, makes historic investments in vital programs and ensures the neediest residents will […]

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In California for years, but still can’t qualify for in-state tuition

California exempts many undocumented students from paying non-resident tuition at the state’s public colleges and universities. But gaps in the law mean that some undocumented students and visa holders still don’t get exemptions — even if they’ve lived in the state for more than a decade. Two bills pending in the state Legislature would make it easier to qualify.

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Senador de Los Ángeles renueva impulso para que la licencia familiar pagada sea más asequible

En resumen Las personas con salarios bajos que más necesitan una licencia familiar pagada no pueden darse el lujo de tomarse un tiempo libre. Un nuevo proyecto de ley busca aumentar su salario de reemplazo. Read this article in English.    María Elena Durazo, senadora demócrata de Los Ángeles, está renovando la lucha por un permiso familiar […]

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California unemployment debt: How to dig out of a $20 billion hole?

California has almost $20 billion of debt from the surge in unemployment claims during the pandemic, more than any other state. One reason is California’s higher unemployment rate; another is that employer taxes haven’t kept up with increasing benefits. Now, employers will see an automatic tax increase to start paying off the debt, and Newsom has proposed spending $3 billion in state funds to reduce the debt.