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California legislators should take a breath on housing ‘crisis.’ Looking at you, Scott Wiener

Susan Kirsch, former president of Livable California: Legislators should declare a moratorium on housing legislation until the impact of the 40-plus housing bills passed in the last four years take effect, address underlying causes of income inequity, and collaborate with cities and citizens, not corporate seeking to expand their real estate empires.

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California at odds over solving most intractable problems

“Mental illness. Substance abuse. Homelessness. These are all existential crises we have to address with urgency.” That was Gov. Gavin Newsom’s response to a key legislative committee on Tuesday passing his controversial proposal to allow courts to compel people with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders into treatment — the state’s latest attempt to […]

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Newsom wary of lawmaker-approved budget

Depending on whom you ask, the $300-billion-plus budget bill California lawmakers passed on Monday either was developed largely behind closed doors, ignores the state’s biggest problems and fails to provide urgent relief amid skyrocketing inflation — or offered ample opportunity for public input, makes historic investments in vital programs and ensures the neediest residents will […]

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Why didn’t more Californians vote?

California mailed out more than 22 million ballots to registered voters ahead of Tuesday’s primary election. But as of Wednesday, just 3.5 million had been counted. The tally is far from complete — county elections offices will accept through June 14 ballots postmarked by June 7, and the Secretary of State has until July 15 […]

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Will California gun laws go national?

On Thursday morning, Democratic lawmakers gathered at the western steps of the state Capitol to commemorate victims of gun violence and orate on the need for tougher gun laws — both in California and nationally.  Whatever fissures erupted into public view earlier this week in an Assembly leadership fight, almost all California Democrats seem to […]

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Los estudiantes están ansiosos por ver aprobados los proyectos para aliviar la crisis de vivienda universitaria, pero ¿funcionaría?

En resumen Los activistas estudiantiles dicen que la SB 886 aceleraría los proyectos de vivienda en los campus, los que podrían ser entorpecidos por demandas. Pero los críticos indican que el proyecto de ley no resuelve el problema central: la falta de fondos para viviendas asequibles para estudiantes. Read this article in English.   Después de estudiar en […]