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Counties face choice about forcing more mentally ill Californians into treatment

Time is running out for California counties to decide whether they want to develop programs that would give families a legal tool to get severely mentally ill relatives into treatment. After years of resistance, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to implement Laura’s Law, becoming the 21st county to do so. The […]

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Latest election results + A Socialist in California + Death penalty persists + Unexpected tax bounty

Good morning after Election Day, California. Democratic presidential primary: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders led with 33.2% of the vote to former Vice President Joe Biden’s 24.3%, Michael Bloomberg’s 14.7%, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s 12.1%. Proposition 13: The $15 billion school construction bond trailed 44%-56%. Millions of uncounted votes Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won California’s […]

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Commentary: Housing crisis spawns transportation crunch and political squabbles

California’s housing crisis has spawned several other socioeconomic dilemmas, the most important being a transportation crunch. The state’s most plentiful, best-paying jobs are concentrated in coastal urban areas, but they also have the state’s worst housing shortages and therefore its highest housing costs. Ergo, even relatively well-paid workers cannot find affordable housing and are forced […]