At CalMatters, we believe in the power of journalism to help to make California a more just and equitable democracy for the 40 million people who live here. 

We’re equally committed to those goals for the 50 people who work here. So if you believe in the power of journalism to make a difference and can lead us in practicing what we preach, you might be our next Director of Human Resources. 

We’re a nonpartisan, nonprofit newsroom covering California issues like education, health care, economic inequality, the environment and elections. We’re proud of our employees, half of whom are people of color, and we know we can do more to better reflect the people of the state we serve. It’s about who’s on the team, but it’s also about how we do our work and how we treat each other. 

To make that happen, we seek a director (the title may be flexible depending on experience and qualifications) who can own six vital initiatives: 

  • Being an Antiracist, Equitable Operation: As we cover issues linked to racism, justice and equity, we need to be smarter about those topics ourselves. You’ll design and manage ongoing training and conversation around diversity, bias, inclusion and understanding various perspectives both in our interactions with Californians and among each other. You’ll lead our thinking companywide and work closely with the CEO and department leaders to make a real difference in the ways we work. 
  • Talent Identification: Build and manage a system to identify talented people before we have openings. You’ll track potential employees, recruit at industry events, meet student journalists (we have an active College Journalism Network and extensive internship programs), follow current job candidates and find new ones. With that pipeline we’ll be ready to bring in great candidates when a job opens up, or perhaps when one of our 200 media partners across California is hiring. 
  • Professional Development and Training: Manage group training and individual development plans that foster personal and career growth. 
  • Performance Management: Design and manage a system of quarterly goals and assessments to ensure that people are performing well and are managed well, and to identify and address small problems before they become big ones. 
  • Hiring: Lead a hiring process that recruits widely, engages staff hiring committees and efficiently moves through the process of interviews, decisions, offers and onboarding. 
  • Administration: Manage our payroll, benefits and retirement plans and relationships with relevant vendors. (We currently manage employees through a PEO that handles most of the details.) 

If you’re a great fit for this role, you’ll have a demonstrated commitment to the principles outlined here and seven or more years of experience in related roles. We don’t expect you to be a journalist, but we do expect you to share our sense that what we do plays an essential role in our society. You’ll also be talented at finding and managing the kinds of tools, partners and vendors that make an operation like ours run smoothly. And you’ll be up to date on labor regulations and compliance issues. 

We encourage members of underrepresented communities to apply, including women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, and people with disabilities. Our excellent compensation program includes competitive salaries, great healthcare and a 401(k) match. We have people all over California, but the majority are based in our beautiful new downtown Sacramento office. We imagine you probably would be too, perhaps in a hybrid role with some work-from-home days. 

If you are interested, please email a resume and a cover letter explaining why you’re a great fit to