David Gorn

Contributing Writer
David Gorn is an editor and reporter for public media, including NPR and its California stations. He headed the Sacramento bureau for California Healthline and ran the newsroom at KQED Public Radio in San Francisco as its deputy news director. Gorn also worked as an editor on daily newspapers and taught journalism at San Francisco State University. He has covered health care, immigration, homelessness, poverty, science and the environment. As a kid he got Willie Mays' autograph on two separate occasions (and lost them), as an adult he didn't ask for an autograph after a Mays interview, but did kiss the top of his head on a dare.

California hopes to stop a Texas lawsuit intended to overturn Obamacare. Hundreds of billions of federal dollars hang in the balance.

The Trump administration said it's OK to require Medicaid recipients to work. A state senator would bar California from adopting such a mandate.

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