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California has the nation's third-highest rate of congenital syphilis. That's "a failure of the public health system," said one expert.

Including local residents in planning and construction isn't just nice, organizers say; it works.

An Orange County Superior Court judge has ruled that California’s “sanctuary law” conflicts with Huntington Beach's rights as a charter city, throwing some protections for undocumented immigrants into question in…

Experts say a drier climate means more dust storms, which carry the fungus that causes the disease. New laws and money address the issue. Is that enough?

State officials hope to improve dental care for low-income residents by signing up more dentists, paying them better and emphasizing prevention.

A half-million vehicles a year in California are impounded and sold, many belonging to poor people living in them. A new suit aims to stop cities from towing cars with…

Hundreds of thousands of residents can't drink the water that flows to their homes. Here are some of the proposed remedies, not all of them successful.

For the more than one-third of Californians living under or near the federal poverty level, eviction may be the first step toward homelessness. These projects aim to short-circuit the cycle.

More than half the state’s health care budget will be spent on just 5 percent of its patients—and they’re not the sickest people. Officials are staging an intervention.

The Trump administration says OK to short-term, bare-bones health insurance policies. A bill in the California Legislature says: not in the Golden State.

Diabetes afflicts millions of Californians, and thousands suffer amputations as a result. The state is trying to rein in the disease.

A pilot project uses diet to improve the health of people with congestive heart failure—and save the state millions of dollars.

A federal judge today ruled against the Trump administration’s attempt to immediately halt California’s so-called sanctuary laws—with one exception affecting employers.

California is testing programs to promote healthy living, prevent disease and lower the cost of care for state patients.

Why sue now? Among the reasons: The executive order did not require that roughly 2,300 children be returned to their parents, or directly state the practice will end.

On the same day President Trump ordered an end to the practice of separating migrant families at the U.S. border, court action commenced in the federal lawsuit over California's "sanctuary"…

With its sanctuary law, California engaged in a we-won’t-hold-‘em policy that outraged the Trump administration. Now federal border patrol agents reportedly have upped the ante by refusing to surrender suspects…

Even middle-class families can be driven into poverty, and onto the public payroll, by the cost of elder care. For people with dementia who don't need a nursing home but…

An influential union wants the state to limit profits on privately owned dialysis clinics, where kidney patients receive life-sustaining treatment. Dialysis companies are fighting back.

A Democratic bid to extend government health coverage to all undocumented, low-income adults in California has been put on hold. Lawmakers now hope to cover at least the seniors and…

Washington plans to deny certain funds to groups that provide abortions or make referrals for the procedure. California leads a coalition that supports a Planned Parenthood effort to head off…

The Orange County anti-sanctuary uprising takes the national stage today, as a coalition of politicians are in Washington to talk Republican political strategy with President Trump.

Applications for green cards could be passed over if the immigrants who submitted them use such federal programs as Medicaid, food stamps, tax credits or subsidized Obamacare insurance.

The city of Los Alamitos went further than other California localities, voting in an "unprecedented" move not to comply with California's sanctuary policy. Now will the "Resistance State" be able…

State lawmakers are considering ways to monitor unlicensed group homes for recovering addicts. Some are rife with the drug use they're supposed to prevent.

California hopes to stop a Texas lawsuit intended to overturn Obamacare. Hundreds of billions of federal dollars hang in the balance.

The Trump administration said it's OK to require Medicaid recipients to work. A state senator would bar California from adopting such a mandate.

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