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Samantha Young

Contributing Writer & Editor

Samantha Young is a veteran political journalist who has covered local, state and national politics from Arkansas to Washington, D.C., and California. As a former reporter for The Associated Press, Samantha spent five years covering the state Assembly and statewide political campaigns, including Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2010 gubernatorial bid. She developed expertise in California’s groundbreaking environmental regulations and challenging water landscape. Samantha has been recognized for both her explanatory and watchdog reporting of complex policy issues. She is graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia journalism school.

California has its own Civil War history, but it also has a painful colonization history—one academics believe ought to be told more in schools. It’s a tale of a state founded by white colonists who wiped out much of the Native American population by bringing disease, forcing relocation, imposing starvation, and carrying out what its more severe critics describe as a forgotten, state-sanctioned genocide of a people.

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