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In some of the state's most high profile races, the battle for the Democratic endorsement is expected to get rowdy. Why all the fuss?

Think you know Democratic politics in California? Take our quiz and see how much of a whiz you are.

On issues relating to housing, climate change, health care, immigration and taxes, the three GOP contenders for governor disagreed on little—except who on the stage represented the true conservative choice…

The four Democrats running to be governor of California met in San Francisco to spell out exactly where they stand on abortion, birth control access, and other matters of reproductive…

California is supposed to be the vanguard of social change, but by one metric the state seems downright retrograde: It has rejected ever female candidate who's ever run for governor.

What’s on your ballot this year? Here are some major themes and a few examples of the propositions Californians may be asked to vote on in 2018.

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