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CALQuiz: The 2020 polling begins, a plan to fight fires, and a schism over police shootings

CALQuiz: The 2020 polling begins, a plan to fight fires, and a schism over police shootings


According to an analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists, Latinos and African-Americans breathe how much more air pollution than non-Hispanic white people in California?

10 percent

20 percent

40 percent

50 percent

The analysis says that Latino and African-American communities in the state tend to be located in areas with higher air pollution.


In a poll of Democratic-leaning voters in California, only one other Democrat outperformed U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris when respondents were asked which candidate they were most excited to have as the party's nominee. Who is that candidate?

Michelle Obama

Bernie Sanders

Beto O'Rourke

Joe Biden

The Quinnipiac University Poll found that 58 percent of Democratic-inclined California voters said they would feel “excited” if Kamala Harris were the nominee, while 60 percent of respondents felt the same way about former Vice President Joe Biden clinching the nomination.


State Sen. Bill Dodd proposed a bill this week that would do what to curb catastrophic wildfires in California?

Create a wildfire warning center

Ban housing developments in high-risk fire zones

Impose a "Catastrophe Tax" on residents living in high-risk fire zones

Establish a state-run lumber company to thin dry forests for needed housing projecets

The Napa Democrat wants to establish a wildfire warning center that would bring together officials from different state agencies and allow them to turn off power during red flag weather and better coordinate.


Negotiations between civil rights and law enforcement advocates fell apart this week after both sides attempted to craft a compromise plan to address police shootings in California. Assemblywoman Shirley Weber is now reviving a controversial idea from last year that would do what?

Limit the types of firearms police departments can use

Change the legal standard for justifying deadly force

Establish a statewide training program on use of force

None of the above

Weber's bill would change the legal standard for justifying deadly force from "reasonable" to "necessary." Laurel Rosenhall has the details in her latest report.


How many of California's inmates have a documented serious mental illness?





Nearly a third of the state's inmates have a documented serious mental illness. California faces a mental health crisis, and its jails and prisons have become the default mental institutions for many who need treatment. Read the first part of Jocelyn Wiener's series on mental health in California.

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