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CALQuiz: Brown retires to his ranch, Breed seeks commutation for brother, and a mysterious cloud lights the sky

CALQuiz: Brown retires to his ranch, Breed seeks commutation for brother, and a mysterious cloud lights the sky


As he prepares to leave office — most likely for the last time — Gov. Jerry Brown attended a luncheon with journalists at the Sacramento Press Club where he shared some candid advice with the crowd. Which of the following tips did he not share at the event?

"In politics, you should take care of your friends."

When running for president, "proximity is a key issue that works against Californians."

"It's amazing what having corgis has done for me politically."

"One thing I learned was to not have an open-ended press conference every week."

No, he did not bring up the potential political clout of having man's best friend by your side while serving in office. Read more about the departing governor's advice from our political reporter Ben Christopher.


San Francisco Mayor London Breed has asked Gov. Jerry Brown to grant an early release for her brother, Napoleon Brown, who has already served nearly two decades in prison. For what crimes was Napoleon sentenced?

Involuntary manslaughter and armed robbery

Armed robbery and murder

Grand theft auto and murder

Grand theft auto and armed robbery

In 2000, authorities alleged that after committing an armed robbery of a Johnny Rockets in San Francisco's Marina District, Napoleon Brown pushed 25-year-old Lenties White, the getaway driver, out of their car while on the Golden Gate Bridge, where soon after she was hit by a drunk driver. Initially charged with murder, Napoleon appealed his case and won, but pleaded no contest to charges of involuntary manslaughter. The San Francisco Chronicle interviewed ethics experts about whether the appeal now presents any conflict of interest for Mayor Breed.


Gov. Jerry Brown will retire in Colusa County on 2,500 acres of land where his German-born great-grandfather August Schuckman built an inn. What is the name of the new solar-powered house the governor and his wife have built on the sprawling property?

Colusa House

Acta est Fabula, Plaudite (Latin for: The play is over, applaud)

20-Mile House

Mountain House III

Mountain House was the original name of the inn that Brown's great-grandfather ran along a popular stagecoach route between the town of Williams and nearby hot springs. Rebuilt in the early 1900s, the inn burned down several decades ago. As Brown prepares to spend his golden years on his ancestral homestead, Laurel Rosenhall takes a look at how Colusa County's newest resident fits in politically—or not—with his neighbors, the majority of whom have never voted for him.


This question might be a bit of a stretch for a news quiz devoted to California politics and policy, but with NASA devising plans to save our planet from incoming extraterrestrial objects, it's policy-oriented enough. Takers of this quiz in NorCal: Did you spot that strange bright cloud hovering in the night sky on Wednesday? Nope, it wasn't chemtrails or alien invaders, so please take off your tinfoil hats. It was most likely a meteor. What is the name of the cloud produced by this phenomenon?

Space trails

Noctilucent cloud

Polar stratospheric cloud

Extraterrestrial vapor formation (EVF)

As The Press Democrat reports, your run-of-the-mill clouds occur around 30,000 feet, whereas noctilucent clouds, caused by objects including meteors and rockets, form at 250,000 feet. To understand the science behind how these clouds form way up in the sky, check out this hidden gem in the vastness of the internet, a decade-old video produced by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center that provides a musical explanation of noctilucent clouds.


Time to get meta — a quiz question about quiz questions. If you've taken Ben Christopher's quiz on Jerry Brown's political life, then you'll ace this. If not, may God have mercy on your soul. Which of the following things has Brown not done during his first and second stints as governor?

Flown to Japan to study Zen Buddhism

Taken up the hobby of making olive oil

Lived down the road from the "Manson Family" murders

Been featured in a Dead Kennedys song

He did not live down the road from the "Manson Family" murders — he lived a few houses down from the "Wonderland murders." If you didn't get this right, time to brush up on your serial killers and of course take Ben's extremely difficult quiz.

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