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CALQuiz: California GOP woes, how Newsom will govern, and Plan B for the gas tax repeal

CALQuiz: California GOP woes, how Newsom will govern, and Plan B for the gas tax repeal


Although Proposition 6, the effort to repeal an increase in the state gas tax, went down in defeat, its chief proponent, Carl DeMiao, has a plan B. What is it?

Hold a recount of the Prop. 6 votes

Sue the state by arguing the tax is unconstitutional

Ban bike lanes

Launch recall efforts against vulnerable Democratic legislators

Our campaign reporter Ben Christopher spoke to DeMaio at the California Republican Party's election night watch party in San Diego, and the head of the "Yes on 6" campaign told him he plans to target Democratic state Sens. Anthony Portantino and Richard Roth for a recall election over the gas tax.


Gavin Newsom will be the first Democrat to succeed another Democrat as California governor since when?





It's been 130 years since a Democratic governor has passed the baton to a member of his own party. Now Governor-elect Gavin Newsom will face the task of continuing the agenda set by the relatively popular Gov. Jerry Brown while also enacting changes he promised on the campaign trail. Laurel Rosenhall takes a look at the task ahead for the new governor as the state transitions from Brown to Newsom.


Bill Whalen, a former speechwriter for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, said what about the California Republican Party?

"A freaking disaster"

"The future of the national GOP"

"A dead white man walking"

"A failing franchise"

Whalen calls the California GOP a "failing franchise" and points to two problems with the state party: the "message and messengers." After a poor performance on Election Day, what do the results mean for a party in a decline? Read more here.


How many units of new housing has Governor-elect Gavin Newsom pledged to build in California by 2025?

2 million

2.8 million

3.5 million

4 million

In our rundown of how a Newsom administration might shape our state, we looked specifically at the Democrat's campaign promises on the housing crisis. The governor-elect has pledged to build 3.5 million units, an ambitious goal that even affordable housing advocates say seems unrealistic.


Eleni Kounalakis will become California's first female lieutenant governor. She has never served in an elected office but was tapped by former President Barack Obama as a U.S. ambassador. In which country did she serve?





Kounalakis was the U.S. ambassador to Hungary from 2010 to 2013. Learn more about the next lieutenant governor of California here.

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