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CALQuiz: Senatorial misconduct, equal pay in sports, and an oily problem for Brown

CALQuiz: Senatorial misconduct, equal pay in sports, and an oily problem for Brown


A California law allows cities to impound cars after how many parking tickets are issued?





The law allows cities to tow away parked cars after they have been issued five or more tickets. But one civil rights organization is helping Sean Kayode challenge the law after the black 2005 Mercedes Benz in which he was living for two years was impounded in San Francisco. The lawyer who helped Koyade file the lawsuit says the law is unconstitutional. Read more about the case here.


California's government compelled the holders of a tournament for what sport to award equal pay to competing male and female athletes?





Surf's up, and so is the monetary prize for female contestants who are participating in this year's Mavericks Invitational. A state commission insisted that the competition award equal pay to women as a condition for holding the event. The case could set a new precedent for local governments who want equal pay for sporting events held on public land.


How many oil-drilling permits has Jerry Brown approved since becoming governor in 2011?





Brown has approved 20,000 permits over the course of his second administration. The governor is widely known for championing climate policies, but his critics point to oil as a glaring flaw in his environmental legacy, with some activists calling him "Chevron's stenographer" and the upcoming climate summit he's hosting in San Francisco the "McSummit."


Forty years ago, Californians approved Prop. 13 with a whopping 65 percent of the vote. A 2018 poll found that what percentage of Californians think the initiative has been "mostly good" for Californians?

23 percent

41 percent

53 percent

65 percent

Despite continual criticism from progressives and academics, Prop. 13 still gets overwhelmingly positive reviews from Californians.


As of this week, how much have California's historic wildfires cost this year, based on insurance claims?

$515 million

$845 million

$965 million

$1.2 billion

More than 10,000 insurance claims, worth over $845 million, have been filed as a result from the Carr and Mendocino Complex blazes. California Insurance Commission Doug Jones says “the worst may be yet to come.”


In which Western city did the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturn a ban on staying overnight on public property—a decision that will also affect homeless residents throughout California?

Portland, Oregon

Phoenix, Arizona

Boise, Idaho

Seattle, Washington

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a decision by a district court that favored two ordinances in Boise that were challenged by homeless people. The ruling applies to California and other Western states.


California state Sen. John Moorlach of Orange County was reprimanded over what kind of misconduct?

Putting a woman in a headlock and giving her a noogie

Calling female staffers "babe" and "sweetie"

Wearing no pants in the office after long work days

Giving a colleague a very strong wedgie

Investigative records released by the California Senate found that Moorlach put a woman in a headlock and gave her a noogie while they were posing for a photo op. In a statement, Moorlach said he was “guilty of occasional playfulness” and vowed to stop “this innocent and gregarious behavior.”

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