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CALQuiz: An idea for affordable student housing, cyber attacks on the grid, and a popular sport sees fewer participants

CALQuiz: An idea for affordable student housing, cyber attacks on the grid, and a popular sport sees fewer participants


California's electricity grid faces a barrage of threats from cyber-terrorists, not to mention from extreme weather and raging wildfires. In environmental reporter Julie Cart's story on our state's vulnerable power supply, what did state state Sen. Bob Hertzberg say about our preparedness for such disasters?

"It’s unbelievable, oh my God"

"We're in deep trouble"

"We have no chance against Russia and China"

"Catastrophe is on the horizon if we don't act quicker"

The thought of a widespread, sustained power outage is terrifying to contemplate. Cyber-terrorists are an around-the-clock threat to the power grid, and adversaries to the U.S., including Russia and China, are advancing their capabilities for attacking grid systems. Learn more from Julie's reporting.


Between the schools years of 2011-2012 and 2017-18, which high school sport saw its participation rate drop by 11 percent?





In K-12 education reporter Ricardo Cano's data analysis, participation in football at nearly 800 public and private high schools in California is on the decline.


In a short column in the San Francisco Chronicle, Willie Brown, a former San Francisco mayor and California Assembly speaker, wrote that more than 20 years ago he had a relationship with U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, who is now a Democratic contender for the presidency. What did Brown say Harris threatened to indict him for if he abused his connection to her after their relationship had ended and she became San Francisco district attorney?

Using the lord's name in vain

Drinking orange juice out of the carton


Chewing with his mouth open

Brown said Harris told him that if he “so much as jaywalked,” she'd indict him.


The modern debate in America over gun control can be said to have started when members of what group held a protest by marching into California's Capitol with guns?

Symbionese Liberation Army

Black Panthers

Ku Klux Klan

Boy Scouts

On May 2, 1967, members of the Black Panther Party—protesting a bill that sought to limit their gun rights—walked into the state Capitol toting pistols and rifles. After the incident, the Legislature quickly passed a ban on "open carry" in cities and towns throughout the state, which was signed into law by Gov. Ronald Reagan. Read political reporter Ben Christopher's explaineron how California got tough on guns.


California's housing crisis has made it difficult for college and university students to find an affordable place to live. So UC Berkeley is testing out a new program that pairs students with what group?

Families who need cheap childcare

Retired faculty and staff

Professionals in students' majors

East Bay millionaires

Staff at Berkeley’s Retirement Center won a grant from the chancellor's office for a pilot program that will match six students with senior hosts for the spring semester. Students will pay less than $1,000 a month — well below the median Berkeley apartment rent of $3,500 per month — to live with retired university faculty and staff. Read more about the program from higher education reporter Felicia Mello.

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