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CALQuiz: The state burns, Trump tweets, and a celebrity visits Sacramento

CALQuiz: The state burns, Trump tweets, and a celebrity visits Sacramento

If it’s Friday, it means it’s time for another round of the CALQuiz. Do you consider yourself an expert on political and policy news in the Golden State? Let’s see if you’ve been paying attention this week. Test your knowledge and share your score.


On Cal Fire’s list of the top 20 largest wildfires in state history by acres, where does the still-burning Mendocino Complex blaze rank?




It's not on the list

As of this week, the Mendocino Complex fire became the largest in California’s history, covering more than 300,000 acres. To put that number in perspective: It’s larger than the land area of both the cities of San Francisco and San Diego.


In a tweet, President Donald Trump slammed California for “foolishly” doing what with its water supply instead of using it to fight historic wildfires?

Watering Hollywood celebrities’ lawns

Letting it flow into the Pacific Ocean

Planting too many nut trees

Growing too much marijuana

The president might not be happy with West Hollywood for urging the removal of Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but the first choice is incorrect. Trump criticized California’s “bad environmental laws” for forcing the state to divert “vast amounts of water from the North” into the Pacific Ocean. But most state officials agree that water supply is not the issue, and some suggested the president was confusing a long-standing agricultural debate in the Golden State with this season’s massive infernos.


Research shows more than a quarter of public companies in California don't have a single woman on their boards. Legislators are pushing a bill to require companies have a minimum of how many women in their boardrooms?




Half the board

Sens. Hannah-Beth Jackson and Toni Atkins and are sponsoring a bill that would make California the first state to require that companies have at least one female board member. But businesses oppose the legislation, and a bill analysis cautions that it would be difficult to defend if challenged in court


Burning forests spew harmful carbon into the atmosphere. How much is released after the fire is out?

15 percent

30 percent

50 percent

85 percent

Only 15 percent of a forest’s carbon is emitted during a burn, and as dead trees decay over the years, the remaining 85 percent is released. But scientists worry that as wildfires become more frequent and extreme in California, blazes will spread over these millions of charred trees, releasing their carbon more quickly and in turn accelerating climate change.


The Trump administration took the first step in ending a five-year moratorium in order to open California public lands to fracking and oil drilling. How much land would be subject to this policy change?

1 million acres

1.6 million acres

2.3 million acres

4.1 million acres

The Bureau of Land Management is looking at an area that covers 1.6 million acres in the state. If the administration goes forward with the policy, it would mark the first time the agency has issued a new lease on oil and gas exploration in California since 2013.


California Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed a federal records request for Trump administration emails and internal memos on what?

Immigration policy

Border wall

Dismantling California environmental laws

An infamous tape

Becerra requested documents on how the administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy has affected the mental and physical health of immigrant children who have been separated from their parents.


Which celebrity visited the California Capitol this week?

Jane Fonda

Jeff Bridges

Boots Riley

Betty White

Jane Fonda visited with lawmakers in Sacramento to advocate for several bills that were inspired by the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. She met privately with Gov. Jerry Brown, urging him to sign a bill by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher that would end mandatory arbitration in employment contracts.

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