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CALQuiz: A divisive initiative, wavy blue waves and ‘fake news’

CALQuiz: A divisive initiative, wavy blue waves and ‘fake news’


Tim Draper, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, funded an initiative that scored a spot on this November's ballot. If approved, what would it do?

Create the city-state of San Francisco

Move the capital of California to San Jose

Split California into three states

Create an army of robots to assist California’s state police

Draper is giving his dream of splitting California into many pieces another go, having failed to get a related measure on the ballot in 2014. But how much difference would a divided California make in elections? CALmatters’ Ben Christopher dove into the data.


Gov. Jerry Brown came under fire for recent comments he made at a California Chamber of Commerce breakfast, in which he contended that the University of California and Cal State systems should operate more like what company?

Netflix: offer more online video courses

Chipotle: offer fewer class choices

Facebook: offer course options based on social algorithms

Boring Company: sell flamethrowers to pay for budget shortfalls

The comparison to Chipotle gave some people ajada, according to CALmatters’ higher education reporter Felicia Mello. But is a menu of too many esoteric classes really having an impact on graduation rates? CALmatters explores the issue.


How many of the 14 Republican-held congressional districts in California saw the GOP share of their vote shrink between the 2014 and 2018 primaries?




All 14

All but one GOP-held congressional district in California lost vote share in the 2018 primary. Should GOP lawmakers be concerned? After digging into the data, CALmatters' Ben Christopher concludes that the preliminary primary result "may or may not foretell a 'blue wave' in California, but it does show that Republicans have their work cut out for them."


Identify who said: “These fake news stories leading up to the primary were nothing but attacks. I enjoyed it. The stronger the attack, the more support we had.”

John Cox, Republican gubernatorial candidate

State Sen. Josh Newman from Fullerton

President Donald Trump

Rep. Devin Nunes, Republican from Tulare

Devin Nunes, an avid Trump supporter who also chairs the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, made these comments in an interview with the Times-Delta Media Group following the June 5th primary. Nunes will face Democrat Andrew Janz in November.


The summer rush of legislation is underway in Sacramento. Among bills up for consideration are two that would help build stadiums for two California sports teams. Which team does not have a stadium proposal before lawmakers?

L.A. Clippers

Golden State Warriors

Oakland A's

Trick question: none of them

The Golden State Warriors already got their new stadium fast-tracked by the Legislature. Now the L.A. Clippers are hoping for assistance to build their new stadium in Inglewood, and the Oakland A's in Oakland, as CALmatters' Laurel Rosenhall reported.

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