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CALQuiz: An aging electric grid, another harassment investigation, and the first openly LGBT legislator

CALQuiz: An aging electric grid, another harassment investigation, and the first openly LGBT legislator


This question will surely test your knowledge of unusual power outages in the Golden State. While devouring their turkey dinners on Thanksgiving Day in 2015, several thousand Los Angelenos lost their electricity when which animal crawled into a transformer and triggered an outage?





A pesky squirrel caused an outage that affected not only homeowners but parts of Los Angeles International Airport. California's aging electricity grid isn't just at risk for wayward rodents. The state's environmental goals have placed more burden on the system, and threats from climate change and cyber attacks have raised concerns that a massive overhaul of the electric grid is needed to keep the lights on. Read more from environment reporter Julie Cart.


California is tied with which state when it comes to female representation in the state Legislature?

New York




You might be surprised, but California is tied with the Peach State for the percentage of female state legislators—a not particularly great ranking of 20th on the list of states. Meanwhile, our border neighbor to the east, Nevada, ranks No. 1 after the 2018 election, having the first state Legislature in U.S. history that's majority female. To help women run for office, California Assemblyman Rob Bonta has introduced a bill that would remove the cap on how much of their campaign funds candidates can spend on child care. Read more from reporter Elizabeth Castillo here.


How much paid time off would parents of newborns get under Gov. Gavin Newsom's proposed plan?

3 months per worker

3 months split between two adults

6 months per worker

6 months split between two adults

According to Laurel Rosenhall's reporting, the plan isn't as generous as some early reports implied. Instead of each parent receiving six months of paid leave, each baby is eligible for six months of care from a family member, the timeframe of which can be divided between adults. The proposal is still a bold idea, significantly increasing the current law that offers six week of partially paid leave.


An investigation commissioned by the California Assembly found that former Assemblyman Sebastian Ridley-Thomas likely sexually harassed two legislative staffers. The two Assembly employees filed their harassment complaints in October and November of 2017. What reason did Ridley-Thomas give for resigning in December 2017?

Health reasons

A new job

Disillusionment with politics

He gave none

Ridley-Thomas cited health reasons for leaving the California Assembly in 2017. Read Laurel Rosenhall's story on the investigation, as well as our updated list of sexual harassment records in the California Legislature.


Legislative historians, you'll ace this one. Who was the first openly gay or lesbian member of the California Legislature?

Carole Migden

Jackie Goldberg

Christine Kehoe

Sheila Kuehl

Sheila Kuehl of Santa Monica—at the time best known for her early 1960s portrayal of genius girlfriend-wannabe Zelda in the TV show "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis"—became the state's first lesbian legislator in 1994. Two years later, she was joined by Carole Migden, Christine Kehoe and Jackie Goldberg. In 2002, with the addition of two members, the group formed the Legislature's first LGBT caucus. Elizabeth Castillo takes a look at the history of the caucus' successes and what else is on its to-do list.

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