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CALQuiz: Rent control, cancerous substances and hijacked dreams

CALQuiz: Rent control, cancerous substances and hijacked dreams


A bill making its way through California's legislature would allow restaurants to market only which beverages with children's meals?

orange and apple juice

regular and chocolate milk

regular milk and water


Although the bill would require restaurants to only offer regular milk and water, it wouldn't ban the sale of soda, juice, chocolate milk or other sugary drinks. Customers could still request them, CALmatters' Elizabeth Castillo reports, and the beverage industry isn't formally opposing the effort.


"I've been hijacked," said California state Sen. Scott Wiener in reference to what?

prisoners who jacked his cargo plane

his controversial housing bill

his microphone, seized by an activist

his net-neutrality bill

The net-neutrality bill was barraged by amendments in the Assembly Communications and Conveyance Committee, weakening the bill in the eyes of Wiener—who then withdrew it from consideration. CALmatters' Dan Morain reported the development.


“The whole thing stinks to high hell” said attorney Raphael Metzger about California's decision not to declare what product a cancer risk?





California's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment was on the verge of declaring coffee a cancer risk, but after reviewing more than 1,000 studies published by the World Health Organization, concluded the opposite. Big Coffee is probably breathing a sigh of relief.


PG&E acknowledged that claims against it from last October's Wine Country wildfires are likely to cost how much, "on the low end"?


$500 million

$2.5 billion

$20 billion

The company faces some 200 lawsuits related to the October wildfires and was found by Cal Fire to have violated state codes aimed at preventing fires in 12 of the 16 blazes. It told investment analysts it was currently "unable to estimate the high end of the range" of its losses after citing $2.5 billion as the low end.


How many cities in California currently have rent control laws?





While 17 cities have some rent controls now, a measure cleared for the November ballot could remove restrictions that prevent more cities from adopting them. The latest installment of the California Dream project explored the promises, and unintended consequences, of rent control.

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