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Sen. Joel Anderson was drunk and rubbing a lobbyist's shoulders during a political fundraiser at a steakhouse near the Capitol last month when he leaned in close and told her…

The Legislature's response to a former employee's lawsuit is the latest example in its history of arguing that lawmakers don’t have to follow the laws they pass.

In the final days of California's 2018 legislative session, hundreds of bills landed on the governor's desk. We're tracking the fate of the most consequential here.

State Sen. John Moorlach put a woman in a headlock and gave her a “noogie” while they were posing for a photo at a reception—something he said he does frequently in good fun, according...

Hundreds of thousands of residents can't drink the water that flows to their homes. Here are some of the proposed remedies, not all of them successful.

We're keeping track here of how many #metoo bills to combat sexual harassment win approval from the California Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown.

Lawmakers hope to manage California's forests better, partly by thinning the trees. Here's why that's not a simple task.

The most explosive allegation to come out of the #MeToo movement in the California Capitol—a lobbyist's claim that then-Assemblyman Matt Dababneh pushed her into a bathroom and made her watch…

Civil rights advocates who once led the charge for bail reform are now lobbying against it, saying it replaces one problem with another—and may perpetuate racial bias.

In probably the strangest outcome of California’s elections so far this year, a new state senator was sworn in Monday—with just three weeks left to go in the legislative session.

Less than a month before election day...are you prepared?

Still haven't gotten up to speed on all this year's ballot measures, statewide races and battles happening in your backyard? We got you covered. 

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