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Civil rights advocates who once led the charge for bail reform are now lobbying against it, saying it replaces one problem with another—and may perpetuate racial bias.

Sen. Henry Stern's Senate Bill 1477 offers a roadmap for California to lead on climate action and housing equity.

Advocates today submitted signatures to qualify a 2020 ballot initiative that would generate tens of billions of dollars for local and state governments by undoing part of California's landmark Prop.…

California's Legislature is downsizing a plan to require ethnic studies for high school graduation—and not for the reason you might think.

Tony Thurmond: Education stakeholders must identify pension solutions. Marshall Tuck: Politicians have ignored the pension problem for too long.

California still has the nation’s highest poverty rate when you take into account the state’s high cost of living. But the number of people living in poverty here has dropped since…

More than half the state’s health care budget will be spent on just 5 percent of its patients—and they’re not the sickest people. Officials are staging an intervention.

Legislators have the opportunity to end the isolation that limits California’s ability to quickly and affordably deploy renewable energy. They need to pass Assembly Bill 813.

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