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Fewer than half of California's schools got a passing grade in English on Calfornia's School Dashboard, and only about a third passed in math. The state's colorful new assessment tool,…

California lawmakers reconsider a controversial idea to keep cities from blocking new apartment buildings near transit. Changes make it more palatable to organized labor and the mayor of Los Angeles.

The California Supreme Court is weighing a key legal precedent that could restore the generous pension formulas Jerry Brown worked so hard to tighten.

A growing emphasis on reconnecting California floodplains to rivers so they can absorb floodwaters is a U-turn from past reliance on levees to protect cities and towns.

California's Democratic-dominated Legislature, which convened Monday, hinted at its coming agenda with first-day bills on issues from housing to wildfire.

A new Legislature was sworn in at the Capitol on Monday, with a Democratic mega-majority in both chambers. But within that huge margin is historic diversity.

These maps illustrate how California counties split over the midterm ballot propositions.

The resignation of California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman is a sign that the #MeToo story is far from over.

In every single congressional district that featured a face-off between a Democrat and Republican in this midterm and the last, the California electorate shifted further blue. The average Democratic gain…

What could happen if PG&E, which provides natural gas and electricity to 16 million people in northern and central California, goes bankrupt in the aftermath of the deadliest blaze in…

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