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The state's requiring equal prize money for men and women to hold the Mavericks surf contest on a public beach. Will it set a precedent for other sports?

Voters will soon have a chance to touch the third rail of California politics. Here’s a breakdown of how broadly and deeply Californians love their cheap property taxes.

California doesn't define homelessness as a protected class in the workplace.

In the final days of California's 2018 legislative session, hundreds of bills landed on the governor's desk. We're tracking the fate of the most consequential here.

As California lawmakers addressed epic wildfires this week, there was an inescapable subtext: Climate change will be staggeringly expensive, and we'll all pay for it.

We're keeping track here of how many #metoo bills to combat sexual harassment win approval from the California Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown.

For the more than one-third of Californians living under or near the federal poverty level, eviction may be the first step toward homelessness. These projects aim to short-circuit the cycle.

Though two state workarounds remain in play as California's Legislature enters the final days of the session, lawmakers have less than a week to find an alternative to new federal…

How many people in California are living on the edge of homelessness? A data dive into housing burden and housing insecurity in the state.

Lobbyists for ride-sharing companies are scrambling to delay until next year (and the next governor's administration) a far-reaching California Supreme Court decision that would protect workers at firms such as…

Less than a month before election day...are you prepared?

Still haven't gotten up to speed on all this year's ballot measures, statewide races and battles happening in your backyard? We got you covered. 

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