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Insiders say Alex may be the most consequential environmental authority California has known.

An interactive game to figure out how you may want to vote on all 11 of California's ballot measures for the 2018 election.

In August, President Donald Trump tweeted an endorsement of Diane Harkey to replace Republican Congressman Darrell Issa: “Diane is strong on crime, loves our Military & Vets-has my total Endorsement!”…

Eighty California farmers are engaged in a state-funded effort to boost carbon concentrations in the soil—a promising way to combat climate change.

The conference featured promises to reduce greenhouse gases, vows to banish carbon, multilateral pacts and sincere handshakes.

The state wants 5 million clean vehicles on the road by 2030. There's a long way to go.

California has been a leader in developing climate policy, yes, but there have been missteps, and there’s more work to do.

What happens when California—a state that is responsible for about 1 percent of the world's greenhouse gases—goes all-in on climate change.

The governor holds a summit of regional leaders from around the world who've pledged to reduce greenhouse gases. Businesses are coming, too.

Less than a month before election day...are you prepared?

Still haven't gotten up to speed on all this year's ballot measures, statewide races and battles happening in your backyard? We got you covered. 

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