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In Sacramento, the biggest fights are over wildfire liability—who pays for billions of dollars of damages that result from the loss of so many homes, businesses and lives?—and how much…

Bills to manage California's power supply await the Legislature when it returns from July recess. At issue is the state's ability to provide electricity consistently, even when an unexpected demand…

California's cap-and-trade program is under threat by the withdrawal of Ontario from the bi-national carbon-trading market.

As California ramps up its efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, experts say the state may not meet its targets. Emissions could soar 30 percent too high in a little more…

The sparring between the Trump administration and California over environmental rollbacks is getting serious.

The state firefighting agency, Cal Fire, spends the bulk of its budget battling wildfires. A new report says it should do more to prevent them.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has been using the courts to try and stop policies coming out of the White House that harm Californians, and it's working.

California’s oil and gas regulator has endured years of scolding from the Legislature for a lack of accountability, from environmentalists for allowing an industry to run roughshod over a state…

California has joined a group of states suing two federal agencies for suspending a 2015 rule that entitled more bodies of water to protection.

A handful of municipalities and counties across California have filed lawsuits against oil companies, alleging that the energy giants knowingly contributed to climate change and should begin paying for it.

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