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A huge surprise surplus, a big push on affordable housing, help for college students, working poor tax credits, credit cards at the DMV, kindergarten potties.

The state may not be able to cut enough greenhouse gases by 2030, says Mary Nichols, who chairs California's Air Resources Board.

A growing emphasis on reconnecting California floodplains to rivers so they can absorb floodwaters is a U-turn from past reliance on levees to protect cities and towns.

What could happen if PG&E, which provides natural gas and electricity to 16 million people in northern and central California, goes bankrupt in the aftermath of the deadliest blaze in…

Jim Wood is tackling two enormous, heart-wrenching puzzles: identifying the people who perished this month in California’s deadliest wildfire and figuring out what state policies could prevent such catastrophes in…

As California grapples with an increasing possibility that once-in-a-century wildfires are becoming once-a-year occurrences, larger swaths of the state’s population will find themselves living in the crimson high-risk regions of…

California's increasingly dire blazes have brought a reckoning over the role of power equipment in starting wildfires.

Fires raging across California are decimating historical and recognizable landmarks throughout the state.

Due to school closures from the California wildfires, more than one in six students in the state are staying home as the state continues to burn.

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