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An interactive game to figure out how you may want to vote on all 11 of California's ballot measures for the 2018 election.

Experts say a drier climate means more dust storms, which carry the fungus that causes the disease. New laws and money address the issue. Is that enough?

State officials hope to improve dental care for low-income residents by signing up more dentists, paying them better and emphasizing prevention.

In the final days of California's 2018 legislative session, hundreds of bills landed on the governor's desk. We're tracking the fate of the most consequential here.

Hundreds of thousands of residents can't drink the water that flows to their homes. Here are some of the proposed remedies, not all of them successful.

The Legislature's struggle this year to pass even one partial solution to untreated mental illness illustrates the complex philosophical, legal and ethical questions that surround conservatorship in California.

More than half the state’s health care budget will be spent on just 5 percent of its patients—and they’re not the sickest people. Officials are staging an intervention.

California's new budget includes $12 million for research into Jordan’s Syndrome—named after the daughter of a powerful lobbyist who persuaded lawmakers to spend state dollars seeking a cure for Jordan…

Diabetes afflicts millions of Californians, and thousands suffer amputations as a result. The state is trying to rein in the disease.

Advancing legislation would make California the first in the nation to require that abortion pills be available at student health centers on all California State University and University of California…

Less than a month before election day...are you prepared?

Still haven't gotten up to speed on all this year's ballot measures, statewide races and battles happening in your backyard? We got you covered. 

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