Watch: A panel discussion on the mental health crisis in California



California spends more than $100 billion a year providing health care for about a third of its residents, many of whom have chronic conditions that require constant, costly treatment. Hoping to change that, the state is promoting healthy living as a way to prevent or reduce heart failure, diabetes, obesity and other afflictions suffered by millions of Californians. In our series, “The Hidden Cure: Wellness,” David Gorn reports on the problems and the potential solutions.

More than half the state’s health care budget will be spent on just 5 percent of its patients—and they’re not the sickest people. Officials are staging an intervention.

Diabetes afflicts millions of Californians, and thousands suffer amputations as a result. The state is trying to rein in the disease.

A pilot project uses diet to improve the health of people with congestive heart failure—and save the state millions of dollars.

California is testing programs to promote healthy living, prevent disease and lower the cost of care for state patients.

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