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Including local residents in planning and construction isn't just nice, organizers say; it works.

A first of its kind for Gimme Shelter: A crossover episode! Matt and Liam join comedy writer and all around smart guy Hayes Davenport, Curbed editor Alissa Walker, and housing…

Key provisions of the state housing package have been in effect for about nine months now. That's far too soon for a definitive judgement, but long enough to discern some…

It's been one year of Matt and Liam talking about California's housing crisis. They reflect on the biggest stories of the past twelve months, and what they expect to be…

As senior homelessness spikes in some parts of the state, Santa Monica is trying out rental subsidies to help keep its seniors off the streets.

Oakland voters could approve the state’s first tax on privately owned vacant properties in November.

Voters will soon have a chance to touch the third rail of California politics. Here’s a breakdown of how broadly and deeply Californians love their cheap property taxes.

A half-million vehicles a year in California are impounded and sold, many belonging to poor people living in them. A new suit aims to stop cities from towing cars with…

In the final days of California's 2018 legislative session, hundreds of bills landed on the governor's desk. We're tracking the fate of the most consequential here.

For the more than one-third of Californians living under or near the federal poverty level, eviction may be the first step toward homelessness. These projects aim to short-circuit the cycle.

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