The current debate over the state's immigration policies recalls the bitter battles fought two decades ago, over Proposition 187.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has been using the courts to try and stop policies coming out of the White House that harm Californians, and it's working.

The federal lawsuit over 'sanctuary' policies turns the tables on California, which has sued the Trump administration more than two dozen times on a range of issues.

Growing tension between California and the federal government over immigration has business owners in the crosshairs, worried about the potential effect on their enterprises and unsure which laws they should…

The head of federal immigration enforcement said he will send more officers to California if the state stands by its new 'sanctuary' law.

Here's what California's "sanctuary" law will, and won't, do.

When Gov. Brown signed the closely watched 'sanctuary state' bill today, he set California on course to further limit how much cooperation state and local law enforcers can give to…

Federal authorities arrested nearly 500 people in California and across the country this week in "sanctuary cities" that have opted to break ties with federal immigration enforcers.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra suing the Trump administration for alleged violations of state and federal environmental law and the 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to consider President Trump’s controversial travel ban, California is officially weighing in with a friend of the court brief.

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