Watch: A panel discussion on the mental health crisis in California


Inside the Capitol

After the beverage industry blocked local soda taxes, health advocates in California tried a statewide measure. Here's why Big Soda is winning anyway.

Some say California's economy would be more stable if we taxed the services of lawyers, accountants and consultants. A Cal Chamber study disputes that.

John Chiang says California's public pensions should stay invested in Uber and Lyft to improve worker benefits.

Some of the most controversial ideas California lawmakers were considering this year were set aside as the Legislature culled hundreds of bills in a fast-and-furious annual procedural ritual.

The sudden demise of the year’s most controversial state housing bill was celebrated by some and bemoaned by others. But very few—supporters, opponents, and even the author himself—can claim to…

California lawmakers refused to bar the sale of cosmetics containing toxic chemicals after pushback from business interests, who said it would apply to trace amounts too small to be harmful.

In the past decade, California has adopted more than a half-dozen laws intended to prevent bullying, strengthen suicide prevention and cultivate inclusive learning environments for LGBTQ students in...

Buoyed by California’s strong economy, Gov. Gavin Newsom sent state lawmakers a revised budget on Thursday that boosts his already-hefty January proposal to $213.6 billion. Ka-ching! Public schools...

Gov. Jerry Brown's grant of clemency to the brother-in-law of Speaker Anthony Rendon underscores not just Brown's thinking, but California's evolution on crime and punishment.

From family leave to tax-free diapers to expanded preschool, Gov. Gavin Newsom's revised budget proposal aims to support kids and parents—and to contrast with Jerry Brown's policies.

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