California has joined a group of states suing two federal agencies for suspending a 2015 rule that entitled more bodies of water to protection.

A handful of municipalities and counties across California have filed lawsuits against oil companies, alleging that the energy giants knowingly contributed to climate change and should begin paying for it.

California lawmakers are considering an unprecedented request to spend more than $100 million in taxpayer money to dismantle two offshore oil-drilling facilities—a platform connected to the ruptured pipeline and a…

Obama-era fracking regulations had been tied up in court until Washington nixed them in December.

"What happens in the Sierra Nevada doesn't stay in the Sierra Nevada."

Reaction in California has been swift—and negative.

Normally upbeat officials are guarded about the prospects for success.

The Trump administration is making good on a campaign promise to exploit troves of offshore energy.

Would California withhold clean car rebates from Tesla customers if the electric car maker doesn't meet the state's evolving labor standards?

Mother Nature doesn't follow California's emissions rules.

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