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It turned into a lightning-round contest over who was more politically pure as five of the 11 candidates for lieutenant governor faced off today before the Sacramento Press Club.

Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa apparently believes his path to the governor's office runs through the San Joaquin Valley.

California’s poor students performed worse on a national exam than needy kids from all but one other state, according to results released this week by the National Center for Education…

As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrapped up a second day being grilled by Congress about whether the company adequately protects the personal data of its 2 billion users, news broke in California...

Cops have a lot of pull in the California Capitol, and over the decades, that’s added up to this startling reality: The Golden State now goes further than many states in terms of protecting police...

It's a reality all too familiar to California college students: trying to find a home on a student budget in a housing market gone berserk.

The state firefighting agency, Cal Fire, spends the bulk of its budget battling wildfires. A new report says it should do more to prevent them.

How companies collect and share consumers' personal information is likely to grow into an expensive fight as election season unfolds in California.

People from Marin to Compton are freaking out about a controversial state housing bill. Here's what you should know about it.

Thousands of qualified college hopefuls will be rejected from a UC or CSU — and may never come back to California.

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