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Highlighting all of CALmatters' work over the past week

Lawmakers pass $215 billion budget, but more work remains. Budget includes Placerville pork. Progressives suffer some setbacks.

Uber, Lyft join forces to fight Assembly bill. Ink is nearly dry on state budget. Inmates allowed to use marijuana behind bars, sort of.

After-school programs go wanting in budget. Medical detectives track measles cases. Laura Ingraham goes after California's income.

Trump campaign strategist weighs in on California health care plans. Presidential candidates duck homeless issue. Charter schools report released.

Legislature feels heat on wildfire plan. CPUC, utilities prepare to square off at U.S. Supreme Court. Democrats leery of tax hikes.

Highlighting all of CALmatters' work over the past week

Oregon may join California's cap-and-trade market. Why CSU students pay more for parking. Tom Steyer wades into a new political fight.

California voters weigh 2020 presidential electability, want state action to fix housing crisis. Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis counts wounds from tariffs.

California gets more grim homelessness news. Casinos fight to keep tax break. Higher education is no longer the bargain it once was.

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