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Highlighting all of CALmatters' work over the past week

Trump's 9th Circuit, Jerry Brown's climate whisperer, new PUC exit fees for utility customers, Central Valley and Salton Sea asthma rates and a quiz.

Justice Kavanaugh's impact on the law and the 2018 election, a PUC vote on community choice aggregation and the electrical grid and a John Cox profile.

A Florida disaster relief firm facing complaints of shoddy work in California donates to Gavin Newsom and Democrats. Plus YIMBYism, Issa's seat and #MeToo.

Gavin Newsom and John Cox debate, Dana Rohrabacher and Russia, California's test scores and Jerry Brown's legacy, the gas tax repeal, Proposition 6, Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, Gov. Jerry Brown, electricity…

California and Kavanaugh, a Dianne Feinstein profile, women's suffrage and California history, Proposition 12 and Orange County turnout.

Highlighting all of CALmatters' work over the past week

A new Kevin de León profile,carpet recycling quandaries, California's new internet privacy law, Los Angeles housing, Proposition 2 and our CALmatters quiz.

A mattress recycling audit, net neutrality lawsuits, Pat Bates' challenger Marggie Castellanos runs an ad, school bonds on the November 2018 ballot, Proposition 10 in a minute, Dianne Feinstein, union…

California's school test scores, how the CURES opioid database happened, Jerry Brown's #MeToo bills, Orange County political money and teen pregnancy.

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