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California's School Dashboard reports, Dieselgate funds start a fight, a GOP candidate tweets and lawmakers and ferret lovers want animal rights.

California Supreme Court weighs Jerry Brown's pension reform, Jarvis sues over retirement plans for poor workers, Kamala Harris' MeToo suit, YIMBYs, PG&E.

Gavin Newsom gets expert environmental advice, the feds estimate California wildfires' carbon footprint, Toni Atkins introduces some 'Trump insurance, wrecking levees to avert floods, a possible Newsom advisor, and a…

California's 2019 legislative session commences, lobbyists crowd a lobby after a swearing in, a sign of the stakes, McKesson leaves, and a Hall of Famer.

A new Leglslature arrives, Jerry Brown and Tom Steyer both move on water, California opioid deaths, Pasadena's Al Lowe passes, and wildfire recovery.

Highlighting all of CALmatters' work over the past week

How to think about Eric Bauman's resignation, wildfires give way to mudslides and floods across California, what happens if PG&E goes bankrupt, how blue this state is, Paul Ryan vs.…

Patagonia founder donates Trump tax cut, private equity firms fight a CA tax hike, how California Republicans voted, Eric Bauer details and TJ Cox's win.

Troops and migrants at the California border, online sales taxes soon to be collected, California's dwindling Republican Party, artificial intelligence, scamming seniors and suspect supplements.

Dems cheer and fume, California cars block climate change goals, Giants owner wasn't the only Hyde-Smith donor, and incoming lawsuits on boardroom diversity.

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