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Behind Felicia Marcus' water board ouster, research into bee die-offs, 16 states sue over Trump's border emergency and preventing cancer.

Highlighting all of CALmatters' work over the past week

The fight for continues for police misconduct records, a pioneering state gun law is being challenged by red states, and a court ruling is creating tax chaos.

Newsom's State of the State throws the Central Valley a peace offering on the Delta tunnels, creates high speed rail confusion and offers a big social plan.

Newsom pulls border troops, an 'un-American' transgender ban, the next big fire, a possible oil tax, Felicia Marcus may be out, and the State of the State.

A new governor in town, and at the the border. Why free community college isn't so free. Don't underestimate Kamala Harris. And the State of the State.

Highlighting all of CALmatters' work over the past week

California needs health workers—stat. Medical exemptions to vaccination laws are spiking. And Stormy Daniels wants a stripper exemption to Dynamex.

A new California poll shows the Golden State loves Pelosi. Newsom settles a bet and spotlights housing. CA's new online college gets a tech CEO.

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