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Legislation seeks to expand cannabis permits and medical marijuana access, lawmakers dust off education bills, teachers struggle with housing costs

Gov. Gavin Newsom sets sights on high drug prices, California Democratic Party rakes in donations despite absence of a leader, Realtors invest in Democrats

Kamala Harris dominates CA money race, legislator takes aim at $7 billion in tax breaks, new PG&E CEO to earn $6 million a year

Legislation seeks to empower doctors on gun safety, painkiller acetaminophen may get a cancer warning, bill would limit use of Public Records Act requests

Newsom faces test over wildfire proposals, board-and-care homes for the mentally ill are disappearing, conservative politician Mike Spence's downward spiral ends

Highlighting all of CALmatters' work over the past week

Newsom to unveil wildfire plan, state's relationship with oil and gas industries could be headed for a breakup, South Coast Air Quality board member resigns

Unions win Round One of charter schools battle, legislation to ban a crop pesticide clears first hurdle, Planned Parenthood sees California as a safe haven

Hearing on police shootings turns emotional, USC sex-abuse scandal comes to Capitol, legislators propose 'Trump insurance' bills

In El Salvador, Gavin Newsom sees immigration policy as a mission, while in Sacramento legislators propose bills to hike corporate taxes, curb charter schools and make health care more affordable

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