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Jason Kinney has made a lucrative and powerful career in Sacramento by moving from government to campaigns to industry lobbyist to, now, advisor to Gavin Newsom's transition team. The question…

The California Supreme Court is weighing a key legal precedent that could restore the generous pension formulas Jerry Brown worked so hard to tighten.

These maps illustrate how California counties split over the midterm ballot propositions.

In every single congressional district that featured a face-off between a Democrat and Republican in this midterm and the last, the California electorate shifted further blue. The average Democratic gain…

The data shows how California's top-two primary left GOP voters with few good options—or an option they couldn't stomach—in several key races. 

The midterm elections whittled away all the purple sections of the state now represented by the GOP, leaving only the bleeding-red core.

Lenders are selling seniors on the idea of home renovation work; sometimes homeowners don’t realize they’ve taken on debt until it’s too late.

Who got the best deal at the ballot box this year? We look at how much money was spent on each ballot proposition per vote.

Amid California’s record-shattering housing prices, the state’s senior homeowners are sitting on a gold mine. That’s made them marks for con artists.

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