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The High Cost of Housing

Health insurance and higher ed could become more affordable for the middle class in California—but probably not the cost of caring for aging family members.

California's Imperial County is emblematic of life for millions of people around the state who live under an umbrella of bad air quality or who have contaminated soil or lack…

Talk is underway about putting a law on the books that would bar California landlords from raising rent beyond a certain percentage.

Migrants who make it into California find support mixed with hardship. Across the border, there’s a cadre of pro bono attorneys eager to help them navigate the asylum application process.…

The main funder of the Yes on Proposition 10 rent control campaign is the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a Los Angeles nonprofit whose stated mission is to rid the world of…

As senior homelessness spikes in some parts of the state, Santa Monica is trying out rental subsidies to help keep its seniors off the streets.

Federal data shows first-time buyers in California increasingly rely on family for help.

California's birth rate has dipped below the national average—and experts say the state's soaring housing costs are crimping its fertility.

Inaccurate cost of attendance estimates can throw off students’ budgeting and their financial aid packages.

California's skyrocketing housing costs have created a harsh new reality for refugees on the ground, many of whom are going to extraordinary lengths just to afford rent.

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