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Mother Nature doesn't follow California's emissions rules.

Last year’s drop in California emissions came not through drastic pollution reductions from oil refineries nor the state’s lauded cap-and-trade program. It was the rain.

On a nearly two-week swing through Europe, starting at the Vatican and ending at the United Nations climate change conference in Bonn, California's governor offered a bleak appraisal of the…

It's a wrap; Gov. Jerry Brown heads home after warning the world about climate change.

Our Julie Cart fields queries today on Twitter at noon PST. Tweet her at #CMenviro.

Demonstrators crashed a U.S. fossil-fuels event at the U.N. climate conference in Bonn.

California climate policies earn an international award at the U.N conference in Bonn.

As part of his European tour promoting the fight against climate change, Gov. Jerry Brown was invited to meet with an international group of scientists in Oslo, Norway. They discussed ways of...

Gov. Jerry Brown the learned man was on full display in Brussels.

In which Brown gets pushback on climate change from a couple of European Parliament members, and answers sharply.

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