Inventor’s tax fight with California flares up again

Inventor Gilbert Hyatt’s decades-long battle with California tax authorities is flaring up again. Hyatt sought refuge in Nevada, which has no income tax, while California tax collectors say he owes them money.

Democratic left wing wants to jettison Sen. Feinstein

Kevin de León, a state senator who wants to unseat U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, won the endorsement last weekend of the state Democratic Party executive committee, but she enjoys strong support from Democratic voters and is still likely to win re-election in November.

California’s school war will have new political players

California’s education establishment is fighting a running battle with school reformers and civil rights groups over accountability for helping “at-risk” kids, and the battle will resume after voters elect a new governor and a new state schools superintendent.

California vs. Trump over 2020 census

California has a big stake in results from the 2020 federal census and is battling with the Trump administration over the details, especially a new question about citizenship. California officials fear that the state’s population will be undercounted.