Universal health care now California law – more or less

Universal health care is a big issue for California’s Democratic Party but thanks to a budget “trailer bill,” a decision on it can be delayed by at least three years while a new commission studies how to do it.

Pension fund earnings up, but crushing debts remain

California’s economy is booming and tax revenues are pouring into public treasuries, but schools and local governments say mandatory payments into pension funds are causing them to dip into reserves and ask taxpayers for more money.

Splitting California runs afoul of constitution

The measure to split California into three states has been removed from the November ballot by the state Supreme Court. Opponents say it would violate the state constitution because revising the constitution can only be initiated in the Legislature.

Diving into California’s shameful poverty crisis

California may be the nation’s richest state, but it also has the nation’s highest level of poverty, thanks to its high cost of living, especially housing. However the political response has been tepid tokenism.