California has big void in educational information

California is one of the few states that don’t require comprehensive reports on students’ academic achievement, which makes it impossible for policymakers to know what’s working in the schools and what’s not.

Long waits at DMV? Not for Capitol insiders

State legislators complain about hours-long waits at Department of Motor Vehicles offices, but refuse to audit the agency to determine causes and enjoy having a private DMV office to serve their needs. The situation fuels public disdain for state and local officials.

DMV a hot mess, but politics block audit

The state Department of Motor Vehicles is being sharply and justifiably criticized for hours-long waits for service, but intervention by Gov. Jerry Brown’s office blocked a study of DMV operations by the state auditor’s office.

Trump pulls California’s chain over auto mileage

California and President Donald Trump are at war again, this time over the administration’s plan to freeze nationwide auto mileage standards and withdraw California’s ability to set its own auto emission rules.