Feinstein-de León Senate debate changed nothing

Kevin de León needed to get aggressive in his only joint appearance with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who he wants to defeat on Nov. 6. But de León was very subdued and didn’t change the campaign’s dynamics.

Locals seek new levies despite $4B property tax surge

Despite very strong growth in property taxes, hundreds of local governments are asking voters to approve additional taxes. They are reluctant, however, to tell voters that rising pension costs are the major reason.

Brown’s legacy will include a DMV debacle

Jerry Brown has never been interested in management of the state bureaucracy and as he prepares to retire from the governorship he probably will leave behind a managerial debacle in the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

Four measures would do little about housing crisis

Four measures on the November ballot purport to address California’s housing crisis, but they are minimalist at best, and one would make it worse.