RE: "California isn't built for 21st century wildfires—here's what the state could do about that," Nov. 19, 2018.

While fire-preparedness is important, something also needs to be done about power lines, which are causing a lot of our fires.

They are outdated technology, like land-line telephones.  We have transitioned from land-line phones to wireless mobile phones in this century, so why not do the same with energy transmission? We need to think outside the box.

Perhaps wireless energy transmission?  Or maybe “point-of-use” energy generation, where energy is generated at the point of consumption?  Solar panels with battery storage would do the trick, and that technology already exists.  In that scenario, we wouldn’t need transmission lines or even a grid.

The utility companies could re-invent themselves and lease or sell solar panels and battery packs to consumers, and maintain them.  These recent catastrophes are an opportunity for us to create a 21st-century energy system that will be safer and greener.  Let’s use this opportunity to do just that.

Lindy Rice, Sacramento