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The hottest piece of housing legislation in the country is not being received well by many low-income communities of color. Matt and Liam explore the politics and policy of SB 827, a bill that would radically upzone a good swatch of California cities, this time from an equity angle. First, a “Number of the Fortnight” brought to you by all-cash buyers of single family homes (2:30). For the “Avocado of the Fortnight”, Matt and Liam then review the objectively hilarious memes coming from one opponent of SB 827 (6:00). Then some tough questions: Is the media attention on SB 827 good or bad (13:00), what’s actually in the bill (16:00), was anti-gentrification groups’ opposition to the bill politically avoidable (23:00), and will the bill make it past a key committee chairman (26:00). Then, interviews with Cynthia Strathmann, executive director of an anti-displacement group in south Los Angeles (31:00), and Brian Hanlon, executive director of California Yes In My Backyard and sponsor of SB 827 (50:30).

Here are some of the memes, for your viewing pleasure:…/976536870237556736…/976264771077943296…/974434015162769408