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Matt and Liam delve into one aspect of California’s housing crisis that doesn’t receive much attention: the shortage of construction labor to build the houses the state so desperately needs. An Avocado of the Fortnight (2:15) first takes us to Orange County, where the question of where to shelter the region’s growing homeless population has provoked some interesting reactions from local political leaders. Then a discussion of why the construction labor shortage hasn’t received a ton of attention (7:00), some of the reasons for the shortage they’ve heard (12:00), and the politics of prevailing wage (14:00). Then an interview with Sacramento-area homebuilder Rachel Bardis on how the labor shortage impacts the work she does (23:00), followed by an interview with Alex Lantsberg, an analyst for the San Francisco electricians’ union (41:30).

Note: We know we say Alex is our first guess on the podcast, but it’s Rachel.