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Hey California Democrats, how well do you know your party?
Photo illustration by John Osborn D'Agostino

Hey California Democrats, how well do you know your party?


Which governor won by the largest margin of victory for a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in California history?

Gray Davis

Pat Brown

Jerry Brown

Culbert Olson

Jerry Brown in 2014 with 60% of the vote. He narrowly beat out his father, Pat Brown, who won 59.75% of the vote in 1958.


Who was the first woman to have served as California governor?

Delaine Eastin

March Fong Eu

Karen Bass

Betty Yee

March Fong Eu was governor for one day in 1976 when all the other officials in the line of succession were out of state.


Which famous filmmaker produced a commercial for Jerry Brown during his 1980 campaign for President?

Francis Ford Coppola

Steven Spielberg

George Lucas

Barbra Streisand

Francis Ford Coppola


Which California Democrat made a cameo appearance in one of the “Godfather” movies about a Mafia family?

John Burton

Gavin Newsom

Nancy Pelosi

Willie Brown

Willie Brown played a corrupt politician in one scene of “The Godfather: Part III.”


Which Democrat won the race for California governor at the polls, but lost it once absentee ballots were counted?

Tom Bradley

Dianne Feinstein

Kathleen Brown

Cruz Bustamante

Former Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley in 1982


Which United States senator received more votes than any other in the country?

Barbara Boxer

Ted Cruz

Dianne Feinstein

Kamala Harris

Dianne Feinstein in 2012


Which California Democrat called cannabis a “gateway drug” in 2015, saying “I’ve seen folks graduate from marijuana to heroin and crystal meth” ?

Anthony Rendon

Kevin De Leon

Maxine Waters

Lorena Gonzalez

Kevin de Leon


Who failed the bar exam before going on to a successful career in politics?

Jerry Brown

Kamala Harris

Antonio Villaraigosa

Pete Wilson

All four—although ex-Gov. Pete Wilson is a Republican.

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