Time, Skill, Persistence – That’s What It Takes

Dear Friends,

CALmatters. It’s not just our name. It’s what drives our team to produce compelling coverage on how Sacramento works and why it matters.

CALmatters was launched two years ago because we saw a pressing need for statewide explanatory journalism, analysis and commentary about policy and politics to fill an alarming void in coverage of decision makers in the world’s sixth largest economy. Since then the ranks of statehouse reporters have been further depleted amid mounting news industry layoffs, buyouts and consolidation, while Californians’ thirst for trustworthy, unbiased and fact-based reporting has skyrocketed.

Our mission is simple: to engage and inform Californians, make state government more accountable and transparent and be a trusted source for news. Our CALmatters team is now the biggest statehouse bureau in the political heart of the U.S.’s largest state. Every week we give you in-depth explanatory reporting, commentary and analysis about the players, politics and interests that shape the issues that affect our lives like rising sea levels and soaring housing costs.

The kind of reporting we do takes time, skill and persistence, which is why we need your support to grow and flourish.

Today we’re launching a membership program to sustain our journalism and its impact. We invite you become a member of CALmatters.

Will you help us secure our future by making a recurring donation today?

As a member, you’ll learn more about the behind-the-scenes of our work and the impact it is having and you’ll get to know our team through virtual and in-person events. You’ll also be part of a community that cares deeply about what is happening in our state, and you’ll have an opportunity to engage with us and each other. Your tax-free contribution of any size will help us continue to deliver journalism that matters in California.

If you have any questions, ideas, or feedback about CALmatters, don’t hesitate to contact either of us. You can reach Dave at[email protected]or Marcia at[email protected].

Thank you for being part of our community.


Dave Lesher, CEO, Editor
Marcia Parker, Publisher

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