Committed to California

Suki Wessling, Santa Cruz

Re “California is a wondrous place. I’m leaving,” Dec. 15, 2019:

California’s history is full of people like Andrew Malcolm. They come expecting California to live up to some Hollywood ideal; they leave disappointed. 

California is a real place. We have real wonders and real ugliness. Accepting any place as your life home requires a commitment similar to accepting a flawed human being as your life spouse. 

You decide what’s important to you and you consider whether your home is giving you want you need. I, too, hate the traffic. But what I love is what’s keeping me here: California’s beauty, its open, accepting culture, and California’s commitment to progressive ideals. 

There’s no mystery why trends start in our state. We look forward toward a better world rather dwelling in the ugly past. And, yes, those little shampoo bottles will stay in the ugly past, as will voter suppression, queer-bashing, and acceptance of the environmental status quo.

I’ll take California.

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