Gov. Newsom’s water proposal

Mike Wade, California Farm Water Coalition

Re “Gov. Newsom: California must get past differences on water. Voluntary agreements are the path forward” Feb. 4, 2020.

We applaud Gov. Gavin Newsom for his effort. While many details remain to be worked out, the governor hits at the heart of the matter and the reason the voluntary agreements are so worth the effort: The status-quo puts our water future at risk.

It’s very clear that what we’ve been doing doesn’t work for anyone. And more top-down regulation will only continue to breed endless lawsuits.

In contrast, the voluntary agreements offer a positive path forward in which all water users have a voice. And once completed, these agreements begin making things better immediately. Additional water is freed up for the environment, habitat restoration and other environmental projects get underway and water users get some assurance about how much water will be available. 

There really is only one choice if you care about the future of California and that’s completion of the voluntary agreements.

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