Spending the surplus

Tom Bard, Danville

Assemblyman Phil Ting.

Re “Spending California’s surplus, how lobbying affected one consumer protection bill, and what came of Schwarzenegger’s Million Solar Roof goal,” WhatMatters, Dec. 10.

It really upset me to see the reporting on Assemblyman Phil Ting’s proposal to use California’s budget surplus to throw more money at undocumented immigrants.

Although a noble and generous gesture, I fear and believe this would ultimately backfire. It would serve notice to attract more undocumented people to the state and further burden law abiding taxpayers who already pay the most state taxes in the union. When (not if) there is an economic downturn, the state’s only recourse will be to raise taxes even more to support more undocumented workers and homeless, as they flood to the state for the hand outs and the sanctuary.

Ting’s proposal is misguided and irresponsible. We have to guard against going into debt, again. This precious budget surplus, or “rainy day fund,” must be protected or it will evaporate quickly.

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