When does the census start and end?

For the first time, the government will try to collect most responses online, with the remainder by mail, by phone or, as needed, in person. Despite concerns about cybersecurity, it’s all part of an effort to cut costs and offer convenience.

Census workers will walk through neighborhoods to encourage people to complete their surveys. Image via flickr.

Starting March 12, households will receive a letter in the mail inviting them to fill out their questionnaires online at my2020census.gov. The site will be open to the public through July 31.

Reminder notices will be sent out between late March and early April. Soon after, paper questionnaires will be sent to households that haven’t completed the survey online.

Field workers will also be dispatched to get people to turn in completed surveys. These workers will show valid Census Bureau identification and won’t ever ask for payment or for your Social Security number.

The count will finish in July. The Census Bureau will deliver apportionment counts for the House of Representatives in December. By March 2021, the bureau will send redistricting counts to the state for the redrawing of legislative districts.