Who's raising the kids?

The vast majority of California children, more than 95%, live with at least one parent— and most of those have both parents present.

Family environment strongly influences a child’s well-being, and experts often measure it by the presence of caring adults as well as family relationships, housing and financial stability, according to KidsData. Financial stability and family structure often go hand-in-hand as married parents are more likely to have higher incomes, while single or unmarried parents may have more financial stress that could affect a child’s home environment.

In regions of 65,000 people or more, San Mateo and Yolo counties have the highest rate of kids living with both parents at 76%, while Fresno and Merced counties have the lowest at 55%.  Merced County has the highest rate of single mothers at 32%, and Yuba County has the highest share of single fathers at 13%.